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South Africa’s hottest independent Movies, Shows and Multimedia production.

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Stream exclusive South African content: Tv series, local music videos, local hit movies, live events, and more.

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Limpopo Home Cinema works great on all device sizes. View your content on devices as small as mobile phones as well as big screens.

· Frequently Asked Questions

Dambuwo Tv is a distribution agent working with Limpopo Home Cinema. Our Content can only be paid for and view via Limpopo Home Cinema Platforms. 

All our content is optimized to be available on all mobile devices.

Limpopo Home Cinema Membership is free. It can be cancelled at anytime.

You can change your membership at anytime, to view any content you want depending on the pay per view charges for that particular content.

Yes you can. But content will only be viewed via Limpopo Home Cinema even though its subscribed through Dambuwo Tv.

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Dambuwo Tv is a multimedia, film an Tv content distribution company based in South Africa.

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