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  • Goal at 60

    In a remote village in Giyani Limpopo, a group stokvel grannies start a football team as a way to stop an unwarranted number of natural deaths of the grannies. Despite encountering endless challenges, these grannies rise beyond everyone’s expectation as they become the miracle this village didn’t know they needed.

  • Ngwanaka

    An early 30s Hlapogadi makes a run away from her abusive husband, she ends up at taxi rank where she loses her child,

  • The Beach Party

    Nightlife in Durban by the beach.

  • Tlala

    A poor taxi marshal borrows money as he awaits his millions of lotto winnings. But all his money is stolen before he could spend a single penny, now he has to find a way of repaying his debts to save his life

  • Tsutsuma

    Soon after the loss of his beloved wife, Muhluri must give everything up to save his two daughter from perishing in an accidental fire.

  • VODA

    Limpopo Women in Film Presents VODA. This is a five-part fiction series focusing on five unrelated, unconnected lives of women in Limpopo and their struggles they go through in their respective lives. VODA is a primitive Tshivenda word that means “A Royal Princess”.

  • Madimabe

    A closer look at Madimabe in the most anticipated movie of the year, Schoolboy

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